domingo, 23 de septiembre de 2012

"Hello? Yeah, yeah just a quick one.. You know when you come in the hotel, yeah? Um just walk straight in don't get involved with the people outside coz there’s fans outside and you don't want to look like a fan so walk straight in… No, no listen, walk straight in, NO JUST LISTEN TO WHAT I'M SAYING, listen to what i'm saying…There’s fans outside, yeah? And you don't want to look like a fan yeah so you just want to walk straight in, walk straight in get on the lift and if they ask you who you are you say your name’s Cristobell Riley… Yeah.. That’s your name… Okay? Alright… No you don’t go anywhere if they ask you who you are then you say that, don’t go anywhere just get straight in the lift and come up but listen, how far away are you? HOW? How far away are you? 20 minutes!? Oh well Harry, Harry's saying you have to be a bit quicker than that. Yeah 15, 15 minutes she’s good. Harry has to, Harry has, if Harry wants booty he has to wait did you just say? Alright, alright just be as quick as you can, yeah? Oh listen and you’re coming to the 17th floor. Alright, bye, xx."
— Zayn fuc*ing Malik over the phone with some random fan who was about to get laid with Harreh.
{Si antes te idolatraba por que te levantaste a una de las flacas más lindas del puto planeta, y aparte te rompo el ojete, después de escuchar esto, te hago un monumento en Bradford boludo. Sos un genio. Estas para ser amigo del Coco Silly, y dar las cátedras del macho inglés. yo no puedo creer lo POCO sutil que fuiste cuando le gritaste... JAJAJAJAJAJA, genio, campeón, crack, MALOTE.}