domingo, 10 de febrero de 2013

In 2009, the Jonas Brothers said they hoped we can grow up with them.
  • Barbara: You know, you have very young fans and you, yourselves, are very young. The fans are going to grow up. You’re going to grow up. Nobody is a teen idol forever, you’re aware of that?
  • Kevin: We hope that the fans will grow with us.
  • Nick: Who’s to say what tomorrow will bring, but we do believe that our fans are amazing and that they will be there for us forever.
  • Barbara: It doesn’t usually happen.
  • Nick: It doesn’t usually, but these fans are different. Like we said, we’re all growing up together and they mean a lot to us. I think that they really know that we do care for them and I believe that the favor will be returned.
  • me (2013): I'm glad I could grow up with them. And I'm still waiting for their new album.