jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011

U2’s 360 tour is currently plopped down in Argentina for three shows at the Estadio Unico de La Plata with opening act Muse. During the first show of the series on Wednesday night, Bono further endeared himself to the adoring Argentine crowd that paid to see him by tailoring his band member introductions (1:35 into the video) to their shared interest — the Argentine national team.
First, Bono introduced drummer Larry Mullen Jr. as “the youngest member of U2 [he’s 49], with the feet of a ballet dancer and a truly great dribbler. Our very own La Pulga [Lionel Messi]…”
Next up, bass player Adam Clayton — “the man who likes to score three at a time, the handsome, the suave, the El Pipita of U2 [Gonzalo Higuain].” 
Then comes The Edge. “He’s like God, he’s omnipresent, he’s everywhere at the same time, always in the right place, the Pupi Zanetti of the band!” 
And finally, Bono himself. “I’m not sure I could fill this man’s shoes,” he begins. “But if I could fill his shoes, I would be him. Carlitos Apache Bono [Carlos Tevez]!”